The Journey (ARTstation Challenge). WIP

This is my entry to The Journey challenge. Pretty much as soon as I started it, life happened and I abandoned the project. I still believe it could be a cool piece if executed properly, so let's see if I can pull it off.

The modeling stage is done. Some elements like the fur/hide on the shoulder might go away and I will add some additional cosmetic elements once I'm on the low poly stage.
All the fabric detail (leather, wool etc) and damage is for visual help only. I will do all the patterns in Substance Designer later on.
The damage and wear & tear will be done in Substance Designer. I did some test and I think I might pull off something interesting without touching high poly too much.
The head was changed but I'm still not happy with the looks. She is too "rough". Might do another version of it.
The body sculpt was mostly for practice and by no means is a polished piece.
Some design elements (knife holster, shoulder pad) were shamelessly stolen from Nuclear Snail.